Western Starry Nights Handcrafted 3 Strand Bracelet



Introducing our matching bracelet, a perfect complement to the 3-strand necklace, embodying the same enchanting beauty of Western starry nights. This elegant bracelet features delicately crafted copper stars, adding a whimsical and rustic touch that mirrors the allure of a clear Western night sky. The bracelet is adorned with semi-precious blue sodalite stones, known for their rich, deep blue color with captivating white veining. These stones evoke the serene hues of the night sky over the Western landscape, bringing a calming and sophisticated feel to the design.

Clear crystals are interspersed throughout the bracelet, adding a touch of sparkle and clarity. These crystals catch the light beautifully, reminiscent of twinkling stars against a pristine night sky, enhancing the overall allure of the piece. The bracelet is completed with a durable yet elegant copper chain, ensuring longevity while perfectly complementing the warm tones of the copper stars.

This matching bracelet is a versatile accessory, ideal for both casual and formal occasions. Its unique combination of materials and thoughtful design make it a standout addition to any jewelry collection, especially for those who appreciate the captivating beauty of Western starry nights.