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"The Miranda" Hair on Hide Handcrafted Leather Belt
Black crystal-Blk&Wht hide-silver buckle with a black stoneLight tan brindle hide-Opal Crystals-Square dark copper buckle
"Reba" Black and White Hide Belt w/ Crystals
Black and White Hair on Hide w/ Black Swarovski Crystals in Silver SettingsPearl Textured Leather w/Peridot Crystals-Sm Copper Square BucklePearl Textured Leather w/Smokey Topaz Crystal-Lg Square Copper Buckle
"The Dolly" Handcrafted Leather Belt
Olive Croc Leather w/Green Crystals and Round Copper BuckleTan Croc Leather w/Smokey Topaz Crystals and Round Aged Copper BuckleBlack Croc Leather w/Grey Crystals and a Square Silver Buckle with Turquoise Stone
"The Ryman" Handcrafted Embossed Leather Belt
Black Croc Matte Leather-Sm Square Silver Conchos-Sm Black Crystals-Lg Oval Silver BuckleBrown Ostrich-Copper Spots-Copper and Turquoise Concho's-Lg Oval Copper BuckleBlack Croc Leather-Lg Crystals-Round Concho's-Silver Rose Belt BuckleBrown Croc-Lg Smokey Topaz Crystals-Copper Sm Square Concho's-Copper Patina Cross BuckleBlk and Wht Hair on Hide-Sm Silver Spots-Square Concho's w/Turquoise-Silver Buckle w/Stone
The Broadway Embossed Leather Handcrafted Belt
Hot Pink Leather w/Pink Stones and silver BuckleTurquoise Cowboy Tool Leather w/Smokey Topaz Stones and Copper BuckleCaracol Leather w/Navy Crystals and Silver Oval Lg Hammered Buckle
Caracol Embossed Cheyenne Handcrafted Leather Belt
Moss Grey and Gold Metallic w/ Silver buckle and brown stoneNavy and Black w/Copper Round Hammered Copper Buckle
Cowboy Tool Embossed Handcrafted Leather Cheyenne Belt
Turquoise Brown w/ Square Copper BuckleTurquoise Copper w/Round Copper BuckleRed w/Silver Buckle with Black StoneBrown Copper w/ Oval Copper Buckle with a PearlBlack w/Silver Buckle with Black Stone
Hair on Hide Leather Handcrafted Cheyenne Belt
Leopard RL- Silver Buckle w/Black StoneLight Brindle- Silver BuckleBlack and White Speckled- Round Silver BuckleDark Brown- Silver Oval Buckle
Azteca Embossed Leather Handcrafted Belt
Turquoise-Brown-Copper-w/ Square Copper Buckle
Floral-Embossed Leather- Handcrafted Leather Cheyenne Belt
Ivory Chocolate-Copper Buckle W/PearlPomegranate-Silver BuckleChocolate- Aged Copper Cross BuckleFloral Saddle- Square Copper BuckleTurquoise Rustic Nile- Square Copper BuckleBlack -Silver Buckle w/Black StoneTurquoise Brown - Dark Copper Square Buckle
Chateau-Embossed Leather- Handcrafted Leather Cheyenne Belt
Appalachian-W/Floral aged copper BuckleTurquoise Metallic-W Dark Copper Square Buckle
  1. Discover the ultimate accessory for your wardrobe with Copper and Lace's exclusive collection of leather hip belts. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that you receive a product that's not only stylish but also steeped in quality and tradition.  Our festival hip belts are the perfect addition to any music event or gathering, offering both functionality and fashion. Add an edgy touch to any outfit, making a bold statement with their unique designs and detailing.  For those who appreciate the finer things, our studded leather belts are adorned with high-quality embellishments that catch the eye and spark conversation. The boho hip belts bring a free-spirited flair to your ensemble, ideal for those who embrace a laid-back, artistic lifestyle.  Step back in time with our vintage leather hip belts, each with its own story to tell. These timeless pieces are perfect for those who value history and style. And for the rugged at heart, our western leather hip belts are the epitome of classic Americana, providing a durable and iconic fashion statement.  Embrace the diversity of design and the beauty of craftsmanship with our leather hip belt collection. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or accenting your everyday style, these belts are sure to enhance your look and leave a lasting impression.