Our boutique celebrates the free-spirited vibes of boho fashion. Picture flowing maxi dresses, layered jewelry, and earthy tones. Whether you're wandering through a sun-kissed meadow or sipping chai at a cozy café, our collection invites you to embrace the boho chic. Shop our curated pieces and let your inner wanderer shine!

Explore Our Meticulously Made Jewelry, Genuine Leather Belts, Elegant Table Runners and a Diverse Assortment of Accessories Handcrafted by Copper & Lace

Explore Our Diverse Assortment of Leather and Stone Jewelry Handcrafted by Copper & Lace

Peruse Our Vast Selection of Women's Clothing and Accessories That Draw Inspiration From the Western Aesthetic. Uncover the Perfect Attire for any Occasion

Transform Your Home into a Western Inspired Sanctuary

Browse through our wide range of one of a kind gifts and accessories, designed to make anyone feel special.

Copper & Lace Western Boutique

1324 Park St.
Paso Robles, Ca. 93446

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