West Creation "Bronco" Pot Holder set of 2


Add a touch of Western flair to your kitchen with this stylish Bronco embroidered pot holder set. Made from 100% cotton in a classic ivory color, these pot holders feature high-quality embroidery of the iconic bronco design, combining practicality with Western charm for a unique cooking experience.


  • 100% Cotton


  • High-Quality Embroidery: Intricately embroidered bronco design showcases attention to detail and adds a distinctive Western flair to your kitchen decor.
  • Color & Size: Elegant ivory color with a functional size of 7 x 12 inches, offering ample coverage and protection for your hands and surfaces while handling hot pots and pans.
  • Durable & Heat Resistant: Made with high-quality cotton, providing durability and effective heat resistance for safe and comfortable cooking.
  • Western Flair: The bronco embroidery and classic ivory color infuse a touch of the Wild West into your culinary space, making these pot holders both functional and decorative.

Enhance your culinary adventures and kitchen decor with this beautifully embroidered Bronco pot holder set, combining Western aesthetics with practical functionality. Whether you're a fan of Western decor or simply looking for reliable and stylish pot holders, this 2-piece set is sure to meet your cooking and baking needs while adding a unique and stylish Western touch to your kitchen.