C&L Handcrafted Turquoise and Brown Feather Embossed Leather Table Runner


Handcrafted Embossed Leather Table Runner Handcrafted in the USA

This Handcrafted embossed leather table runner is so striking! The brown and turquoise feather embossed leather body of the runner is accented with caramel floral embossed leather ends that have a raw edge finish that adds extra texture to this runner. This runner will add so much to your table. It is easy to clean, simply wipe off any spill with a damp cloth. Only use water to dampen the cloth to clean up spills. This cowhide leather embossed table runner will last for years.

What you will receive:

One handcrafted leather table runner.


Length- 52"

Width- 12"


These table runners can be used on entry tables, coffee tables, dining tables or event a dresser in your bedroom. They will add texture to your tabletop display and warmth that a fabric runner never can.


We ship Table Runners by UPS or Fed Ex and will supply tracking once the order ships.


We do accept exchanges if you are unhappy with our products. We make every leather item with love and hold it to a high standard. We will not ship any item unless we are 100% pleased with the item we have sold.

Please understand that each item we make is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted item by Copper & Lace(AKA My Self, HAHA)

We handcrafted each item out of leather cow hides and every hide is different and will hold some imperfections in the leather hide itself. We handcraft items with love for what we create. There are no two items alike and there might be slight imperfections as the items are created 100% by hand and NOT by a machine. We do not use sewing machines for our sewing, we hand punch the holes then hand stitched with a needle and thread. This gives a rustic handcrafted rustic look. This is my style and how I choose to make my product to ensure it looks handcrafted.