BOOMBA Paper Soap


BOOMBA Paper Soap

Introducing BOOMBA Paper Soap, specially formulated for BOOMBA products – the ultimate solution to keep your bras fresh and sticky for longer!

Product Features:

Convenient: BOOMBA Paper Soap comes in a sleek and compact tin that’s perfect for traveling! Keep your BOOMBA products smelling fresh and sticky even when you are on the go!

Specifically made for BOOMBA Products: Our formula is gentle yet effective, removing debris, oil,  and sweat from your adhesive products. 

Unscented: Our paper soap has no added fragrances to ensure it is Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  

Easy-to-Use: Simply take one sheet, add a few drops of water and lather up! Gently clean your adhesive bra using the pads of your fingers. Rinse and air dry overnight in an area free of debris